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Furnace Cleaning

Our Vast Service Area

We are proud to service the entire Cariboo including Clinton, 100 Mile House, Williams Lake, west to Bela Coola, Quesnel, Prince George, and off the coast including Bella Bella.

Furnace Cleaning in Prince George & Surrounding Communities

Finding it hard to get the right temperature in your home, office, or business? Do you constantly fiddle with the thermostat, trying to reach that perfectly even heat? You may think that you need to replace your furnace. However, a professional furnace cleaning may be the better option. At Kleen Aire Services, we offer furnace cleaning in Prince George and the surrounding areas. Our furnace cleaning services can help restore your furnace’s functionality, ensuring that your heating system doesn’t waste energy working overtime to heat your space. Kleen Aire Services provides a comprehensive cleaning service that includes both the furnace and ductwork. Talk to our indoor air quality experts today to learn more.

What Exactly Is Furnace Cleaning?

Furnace cleaning involves removing contaminates and debris from your furnace and ductwork system. Kleen Aire Services uses a powerful vacuum to apply suction to your furnace system as well as employ compressed air to loosen debris so that it is sucked away. We will also clean the furnace itself along with any filters. Kleen Aire Services provides this comprehensive cleaning because the furnace and ductwork are all connected. If one component of your HVAC system is dirty and clogged with debris, it can affect the entire system as a whole. Furnace cleaning is often referred to as air duct cleaning because when you clean ductwork, it begins with a cleaning of the furnace since all air ventilation goes through it.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Furnace Regularly
Kleen Aire Services recommends getting your furnace cleaned at least once a year. Benefits of routine cleanings include:

  1. Higher energy efficiency and savings on your heating bills 
  2. Less chance of your furnace clogging or malfunctioning 
  3. Reduction of any fire hazards inside your heating system
  4. Extension of the life and value of your furnace

Schedule a Furnace Cleaning with Kleen Aire Services

See the difference a clean furnace can make to your indoor air quality. Contact Kleen Aire Services to schedule a furnace cleaning.

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