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Our Vast Service Area

We are proud to service the entire Cariboo including Clinton, 100 Mile House, Williams Lake, west to Bela Coola, Quesnel, Prince George, and off the coast including Bella Bella.

Professional Insulation Removal Services in Prince George

Removing insulation helps maintain a healthier home by improving indoor air quality. Kleen Aire Services offers professional removal of loose insulation and sawdust. We can pump out the excess debris right into the bins you’ve provided. Whether your insulation has been damaged or you’re just planning on adding new insulation, Kleen Aire Services has you covered with our removal services. 

We are well equipped with a high-powered vacuum system capable of safely removing the insulation from your attic without bringing any dust or mess into your home. We can quickly and cost effectively remove blown in insulation, batts, and wood chips from your attic, leaving behind a clean attic that is ready for the next stage in your renovation. 

Our Promise to You


At Kleen Aire Services, we aim to exceed your expectations by ensuring you have an exceptional experience with us from start to finish. Our dedicated team is here to make your experience extra ordinary with us. Shoot all kinds of question you have related to insulation removal, we will happily assist you. Our consultants will explain exactly what you are looking at while you are in your home. From product warranties to a satisfaction guarantee, we have everything you need to make your move to comfort pleasurable. We also promise you will not be disappointed with the insulation removal services we provide in Prince George area. 


Why is it important to remove Insulation?


  • Insulation materials contain asbestos. This material is known to known to increase serious cancer risks with even limited exposure. 

  • It is a health hazard. Expanding foam insulation that contains urea formaldehyde is highly carcinogenic and should be removed from homes. 

  • It old insulation is not removed on time you may suffer from allergies or asthma. 

  • Roof is a terrible collector of dust over time, by cleaning it out you can reduce the risk to any occupants who suffer from poor air quality.

Whatever the reason, we have the state-of-the art equipment and expertise to remove hazardous insulation for our Prince George customers.


Call today to learn more about our insulation removal procedures. Kleen Aire serves properties in Quesnel, Prince George, Williams Lake, and beyond.

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